The Music of


Mr. Joseph Reed Haley
November 18, 1957 - March 1, 2014

This is music from a cassette tape "Joe Haley" gave me
of his personal music several years ago.
It shows Joes range of talented musical abilities.

Joe was best known for his
collaboration's with the late Mick Hoffman.
They called themselves "The Hoffman Haley Band".
You can find some of their music on this website.

Joe was a multi-talented musician.
Playing Guitar, Bass and Piano with his unique style.
Having never taken lessons; being completely self taught.
On his left hand, a severed tip of his middle finger.
And yet he managed a classical style of
fingering the individual notes
on guitar or bass.

We all miss him here.
So if you knew Joe Haley,
please contact
AudioJoad Productions via email at
If you would like to leave a brief message
to have placed here
or if you have any pictures or music
of Joe we very much would appreciate those too.
You will be given full credit here.
Remember, we do not sell anything.
We just want to share in Joe's memory
all of his amazing talents.
Thank You!! 


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