For Chip

1962 - 2009

Chip loved music.
He would do anything
to be where anyone wanted to just jam.
Mostly he played bass and some guitar.
Really, any instrument was his friend.
He may not have been
great at any
but no one never equal
his enthusiasm to learn them all.
We were already good friends
when The IDOLS formed and
he quickly became our roadie.
After all, many gig's
we were borrowing his equipment anyway.
I especially appreciated him at show's
because I had a habit of
breaking my drum heads;
breaking sticks and cracking cymbals.
And Chip was always there for us.
Duct taping a drumhead
even while I was still trying to use it,
or fixing an amp that stopped working,
he helped us in so many countless ways.
But he was much more than a roadie.
He was a true friend
with a big heart
and unlimited energy.
If we needed a piece of band equipment
he would lend us his.
If he didn't have it he would try to get it for us.
He just loved contributing in any way he could.
Chip didn't care if he ever the leader of a pack.
He just wanted everyone to be happy.
He was loyal to friends and family
and he gave from the heart.
He was loved by his family
My parents loved him.
His friends loved him.
I loved him.
Everyone loved him.
I'm sure,
wherever he is now
he's jamming with some friends.
We all miss him.