Mr. Bruce C. Christ.
Bruce had a green van
and he drove them to almost all their shows.
He and The IDOLS became friends from
before any of The IDOLS in training
 could barely play their instuments.
In those day's they were not known by The Idols.
They were called "Plastic Sun" and "Blind Horse".
Ron (Buster Clyde) Williams played guitar.
With Dan Coleman on bass
and Joad Coleman on drums.
Mick Hoffman acted as their manager.
Bruce had a instrument repair shop just around the corner
where he would restore and repair guitars, ucalalys,
or any other wooden stringed instument
to their original conditions.
It was sometimes almost impossible
to tell if they were new or not.
This performance took place at the Hot Spot
where The IDOLS where the house band;
performing there every Wednesday and on weekends too.
And they were all present for this evening
enjoying the music from their good friend
Blues Great "Mr. Bruce C. Christ".